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Software Developer, Digital Nomad, Blogger and Tech Enthusiast.
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A) Never read or study new technology, you already know everything

“I don’t want to fill my head with stuff I won’t use”

“I don’t have the time to learn.”

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Your self-image is the result of all you have given your subconscious mind as a database, so regardless of your background, what you are willing to become is the only reality that counts.

— Paul J. Meyer, Author

  1. Start with Why are you learning this
  2. What is this?
  3. Where should I learn this?
  4. When should I use this?
  5. How can I teach this?

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  1. Forgiveness is important
  2. Gaslighting Can Be Devastating
  3. Time And Distance Are The Best Medicine
  4. Bad Habits Exists
  5. Be Kind To Others (And Yourself)

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What I’ll do

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  1. Stop asking for permission and start learning.
  2. There is no best programming language to learn, but you can learn one that helps you.
  3. You are not old enough, nor young enough. You can still learn.

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  • Michael Scott — Project Manager
  • Jim Harper — Frontend Developer
  • Dwight Schrute — Backend Developer
  • Pam Beasley — Social Media Manager
  • Toby Flenderson- Sr. Developer (Contractor)
  • Stanley Hudson — Sr. Backend Developer (Looking for another job)
  • Oscar Martinez — Q&A engineer
  • Kevin Malone — Q&A tester
  • Angela Martin — Q&A tester
  • Roy — Startup Guy (Pam’s Fiancee)

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  1. Use Browser Console [chrome, firefox]
  2. Use an online environment []
  3. Use an online editor [JSBin, JSFiddle, Codepen

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Renato Francia

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