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Software Developer, Digital Nomad, Blogger and Tech Enthusiast.
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“When you teach something, you learn it twice”

Nothing could be further from the truth when learning a skill.

Especially with software.

So, I’ve decided to create a simple of list of blog post that will give you a gist on how to learn JS effectively.

For this, I’ll be…

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Operators are one of the most important building blocks for creating software which is why it is a great idea to learn more about their behavior.

Here’s a brief description of what operators are:

An operator is a mathematical symbol which produces a result from one or two values. …

“Change is the end result of all true learning.” ― Leo Buscaglia


Information (White Hat):

  • Read the code. Do not worry about it if you understand it. Just read it.

Problems (Black Hat):

  • Think about the problems you may face with this code.

Emotions (Red Hat):

  • How do you…

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“Be inspired, but don’t copy”


Don’t just copy code. Understand it!

Before you copy and paste some code, do these steps.

  1. Try for at least 25minutes One Pomodoro
  2. Find the answer, do not copy it. Read it.
  3. Compare the answer to your solution
  4. Write the answer first (On paper…

Oh the places you’ll go….

You’ll throw sick parties, be independent and do all the crazy stuff grown-ups never let you do when you were young. I get it. The first day I moved out of home, I got a chocolate cake and devoured that thing with a six-pack of…

“First, solve the problem. Then, write the code.” — John Johnson

If you haven’t done programming in a different language, you are missing out greatly.

And I’m not talking about learning the top 5 most popular programming languages.

I’m talking about getting new tools to use to solve problems.


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I hate recruiters who mass email developers.

Recently, I’ve been receiving emails about roles positions that I clearly have nothing to do with. Why would they offer me a Ruby on Rails position when I explicitly have on my record to be a JS/PHP developer? …

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That’s no joke.

Back in 2014, I graduated with a bachelor's in Computer Science with distinction.

And I thought, “You got this. You took the exams and did the work. You. are. ready!”

But I forgot one important lesson when doing the coding interviews.

I forgot how to talk to…

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“How can I help?”

I love those words because it implies this person is willing to listen to my problems.

I was browsing Instagram when suddenly I get a message.

“Hey bro! Can you help me get a job in software”

I was stunned since I never once considered Instagram…

Renato Francia

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